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Tīra māja un tīra jūra

Awareness campaign to draw attention to the usage of everyday household products


Campaign design


EU Ecolabel



The main idea: by making small and thoughtful changes we may preserve the natural microflora of water.

It all started with a brief to create set of designs for out of home advertising campaign. More precisely – posters in bus stops. Shortly after presenting our ideas, client decided to do a whole video, where the images we created – the fishes, are the main heroes, doing chores.

Visual elements

The results of a research conducted in 2020 showed that the most important argument for the target audience (around 30 new mothers, young families) in the choice of cleaning products is their functionality (how well does it clean).

While the "eco" concept is quite incomprehensible, there is a fear that the manufacturer will cheat with ingredients it uses or the product won’t clean as effectively. It was a challenge to make people see the value of the “Ecolabel” sign and why it is a standard of good quality and  should be a conscious choice.