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Shape of Drums


Branding & Identity, Packaging





SIGU creates hoops for drummers that are passionate about their groove and rhythm. A unique set of products that shapes a distinctive sound even on mass-produced drums.

We developed a brand image and strategy for this new, eco-conscious and passionate musical instrument manufacturer with the ambition to capture attention of the world's most enthusiastic drummers.

The challenge was to create an inspiring identity that conveys the brands’ mission: shape the sound; to portray the SIGU way of thinking and to help improve the musician's style and sound, while maintaining the brand identity joyous (because who doesn’t have fun while doing the things they love, like playing music).

Being involved from the very beginning by collaboration on the new brand identity with Peter and Richard – the people behind SIGU – enabled us to come to a mutual understanding, trust and goal. The ambition was clear – to create a brand that would be useful to any drummer who is open to experimentation and wants to find his or her Shape of Drumming / Sound / Style.




The product packaging is inspired by the product itself, to be able to contain the various shapes of hoops. While designing, we kept in mind that the product will also be transported long distances, displayed in music stores or exhibition stands. We were sure that it had to be designed as a two-part set, able to protect the product and stand out among competitors.

The main features of the packaging were functionality, the ability to adapt to different sizes of the product, as well as its functional surface area as a brand name bearer in the world, and the ability to perceive the product without detaching it from the packaging.