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A very likable casting agency


Branding & Identity, Digital & Web





A casting agency that will send your ideas to space. On a mission to level-up the casting service in the Baltic region, attract more partners from Europe & gain trust for production services in the Baltics.

/laik/a provides a casting database with a bold actor management directory that is individually curated by their smart-ass team. Casting an actor has never been so easy.

The brand name was derived from an idea the client had – “creating a casting agency that would be innovative; three steps ahead”, hence the name – Laika (a tribute to the first space dogs). Although dogs are our best friends, we decided to take another approach: lose the comparison with space dogs (as the agency does human casting) and create a very likable casting agency instead.

The logo and identity, therefore, stems from the way the word “like” is pronounced: laik. The sloping lines are used as the main and most significant element of the identity, thus all communication materials are a little bit “skewed”.


Digital design

The most important brand channel is their website, including a visual representation of the brand and what the company does, and serving as the casting database for their clients.

While developing the casting platform, we had to make sure it is intuitive and easy to use both for the company staff and their clients – ranging from producers and directors, to ad agency gurus and client representatives, with each having a different level of knowledge about casting processes. On the platform, you can easily browse casting offers, vote and discuss a casting proposal with other team members, in order to choose the right cast for your new art, advertising or cinema endeavors.


Casting platform